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    Recent Performances

    FreedomFest | St.Stephens, NB | August 2012

  • Skype Lessons

    Skype Account: Alex.D.Drums


    Rate: 40$/hour


    Long & McQuade | Fredericton, NB

    Location: 981 Prospect Street,
    Fredericton, E3B 2T7.

    Scheduling: +1 506 458 5444


    Rate: 40$/hour

  • Clinics


    Long & McQuade | Fredericton, NB | March 2012

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    981 Prospect Street,
    Fredericton, E3B 2T7.

    Telephone:+1 506 470 9727
    E-mail: mail

  • Welcome

    I was born in New-Brunswick, Canada and I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from St. Thomas University. I am an independent solo artist, currently playing for two local bands and working on other projects with freelance musicians.

    Drumming has been my passion since I was very little, and it is this passion that drives me to constantly work at developing my skills as an artist. Affecting people with performance or instruction is what makes all of the hard work and dedication worth it.

    I have been teaching in all styles and levels at the Long & McQuade Music Education Centre since September 2011, and am currently instructing more than 40 private students along with my other musical endeavours.

    I want to give a special thanks to my teachers who have inspired me and encouraged me to constantly reach for new heights : Dom Famularo, Stephane Chamberland, Martin Kutnowski, John Favicchia, Billy Ward, Chris Coleman, Matt Carter and Karl Gans.

  • newsfeed

    April 10, 2013

    Another day, another challenge! The challenge simple learn and record a song completely within the same day and post it. This video is a cover of 'Inner Ninja' by Classified.

    April 2, 2013

    I hope you enjoyed April Fools, but my video opened a new era for me. I'm starting 'The challenge.' It is simple learn and record a song completely within the same day and post it. This is a link to my april video for those of you who missed it. 'Funny video.'

    March 18, 2013

    My newest video has been released. It's a cover of 'Weekend War Song' by SureFire.

    March 11, 2013

    I've just hit over 1,000 twitter followers! Thank you Nick, Andrew, everyone at 2dogproductions, my mentors and everyone on twitter, you made this happen!

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